really unpopular opinion rant

okay listen

i want to start this post off by saying that i do not care what your body weight is

like literally i give 0 shits if you’re thin, heavy, whatever. i mean unless i have to pick you up then i might have some reservations but in day to day life? who the fuck cares

ngl i actually prefer a little extra on my ladies


if i see one more post on my dash about how obesity does not actually lead to health issues i am going to legitimately scream

it does

stop fighting it

being heavy doesn’t make you a bad person

it doesn’t mean you have to lose weight

but please stop trying to perpetuate this myth that being obese will not damage your health

people who are obese have dramatically higher rates of Type II diabetes mellitus, and ensuing issues such as neuropathy, blindness, kidney failure, etc.

they have higher rates of CHF and increased pulmonary wedge pressure, a phenomenon that is just recently being discovered and is related to higher rates of sleep apnea in obese people

obese patients have higher rates of a variety of respiratory illnesses, in fact

now listen

i’m not saying these are things that only happen to obese people

nor am i saying that these things will definitely happen to you if you are obese 100%, and that they will start tomorrow

you might be 25 years old and obese, and you’re probably going to be fine, bloodwork, etc. because you’re 25 years old

the picture will not look the same at 50

i am not trying to shame anybody into losing weight. we all make decisions about our health, every day, that will eventually negatively impact us. some people smoke, some people don’t exercise, some people like to eat, some people enjoy basejumping, etc. these are all risky behaviors. and they are all behaviors that are, equally, a person’s choice.

the issue i have is this cry of “obesity isn’t actually harmful! it’s a myth perpetuated by skinny people!”

it is a risk

and if you’re willing to take it fine, i’m serious - your personal happiness is absolutely the most important thing in your life. if you’re happy and overweight but miserable and skinny, well, i honestly cannot imagine why you would choose to be skinny. people that are happy, generally tend to live longer lives regardless of most other comorbidities, so fuck it, just be happy

but please don’t close your eyes to the risks

and please don’t perpetuate untruths

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