I love the language in articles about despooking horses.

I need a follow up article “how to teach your horse not to jump out the goddamn arena window when it’s mad at you”

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Lola got mad that she wasn’t in the field when we let her loose in the indoor to see if she was sound, so she jumped out the window

I guess she’s sound lmao what a stinker

Beautiful day for a trail ride with this dingus <3

Starts thinking about equestrian midnight crew au

Drowns myself in my own gay tears


Fave Films: Airplane! (1980)

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so while i was sleeping i had a dream about pacific rim 2

it started with raleigh, now played by tom cruise, and mako, appealing to their new boss, otachi, about what they needed to save the moon from invasion

because apparently that was the issue they were preventing

in order to save to moon, btw, the key was to steal the pope’s hat and reveal that the man acting as pope was false all along, and tom cruise was the real pope

so they asked otachi for the things they needed, including a replica pope hat, and a giant stuffed kaiju doll. mako also asked for a puppy but otachi told her she had too many responsibilities right now for a puppy.

the dream ended with tom cruise stealing the pope’s hat and fleeing to gypsy danger in the popemobile while the pope chase him on foot

so uh i guess spoiler alert for pacific rim 2, the pope is a major character

I’m watching the 2012 London Olympic eventing XC and I forgot how many people fell off at fence 3 dang

well fuck me sideways with a stick 

my family is going to the beach in august and i have moved mountains at work to try to have that week off so i can go down to the beach with them

thinking it’s the end of august and school doesn’t start until september

well guess what

fucking the week that i’m supposed to be at the beach is the first week of classes i hate everything

update: it is still thunderstorming, repeat, it is still thunderstorming

i took my life into my hands and took a shower during a lull and i am still among the living