Was greeted with this sight on arriving home today. The babies will be beautiful.

Has technology gone too far

@gluethegrue and @fightingmachine I just read your replies to my yarn post and you can both go straight to jail do not pass go do not collect $200

So my one classmate was wearing a cardigan today very much like the one I’m knitting. I complemented her on it and she said “I love it it’s like wearing a blanket”

So tonight even though my cardigan is still 1/2 of a sleeve and some finishing touches away from being done I tried it on

She was not wrong omg it’s so comfy I can’t wait

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually feel kind of bad for cersei lannister

I mean she’s totally a horrible person but it’s completely painful to watch her fall to pieces like this


I’m not allowed to complain about being sleepy if I made the conscious decision to get up early so I could go to the specialty yarn store

I’m so lame lmao but I have no shame

Also I want to present one of the coolest, most special things I have ever got! The very talented jen visited today, and we had an awesome rainy afternoon hanging out and crafting, and cooking. At the end, she presented me with this gorgeous little piece of cross stitch art! She’s super talented, and modified a little horse pattern to look like balou. I can’t wait to hang it in a place of honor in my house - I love it so much!!! :)