This was my chemistry professor.

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Lolas baby is about the size of a 6 week-old kitten now. It is growing in her belly more every day! :)

Idk sometimes I think about it and i get excited

Also balou day today just gotta get this carpet cleaning junk done and then I can go snugs my big red girl

So I have mold growing under my fish tank

No idea why, or where the water might have come from, but I have to clean it now because ugh mold

Which of course means moving my tank, which means draining a good amount of the water

Which is a pain in my ass


@ the anon that sent me that lancaster county ask



Do u ever try to take a full body picture of your horse but when you move far enough away to take it they follow you and half of you’s like ‘aww you’re so cute u love me!!’ Then the other half is like ‘no you fuCKER stand stILL’

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can we please discuss what the fuck is wrong with pennsylvania








and finally


I live 20 minutes from intercourse and 30 from blue ball listen Pennsylvania is the best fucking state GET OFF MY BLOG IF YOU DISAGREE

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When u at the bar and some guys playin hard for you and you tell them you’re in graduate school and they stop talking to you

Lmao 2smart2fly

Also I just figured I’d follow up on my previous school freak out posts to say I dropped one of my classes for this semester. It is going to delay my graduation by a year but oh well? It’s part time grad school that I’m doing while I’m working so like. Nobody cares.

So yeah you all get another year of nursing stories yayyyy

The helicopter is landing outside at work and it lands right outside the bathroom and I’m just trying to go to the bathroom but it sounds like a helicopter is going to enter the women’s restroom and I’m so scared I didn’t ask for this


Wisconsin Equine Derby 2014

Photo credit to me ( ridingthejump )

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