Ugh can I go home yet


It’s resting

Why is she doing this to him

It bakes

I’m gonna go to the gym and then stop by the post office to ship some stuff and then I’m gonna go to the grocery store bc tonight

I am making my very own game of thrones inspired feast

I will have honeyed chicken and roasted vegetables and bread and I will post pictures for you all

And then I have to go to work tho ugh bummer


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Asker Anonymous Asks:
How did Stabprofs AU Droog and Boxcars' parents react to their relationship?
luckyspike luckyspike Said:

Boxcars’ parents were the first ones they told … his father was furious, but his mother was alright. Uneasy, but alright. She even managed to shake Droog’s hand on the third time they met.

Droog’s life was largely hidden from his parents after he went to South America; what he did tell them was mostly lies. As far as they knew, Boxcars was just a good friend that Droog had met while travelling in South America, and the two of them decided to travel together. They did suspect there was something about the two boys, but they never asked and Droog never told. Had he told them, they would have been largely disappointed, not that he was dating a man, but because he’d decided to settle with someone outside of the deaf community he’d been raised in (but there were so many nice boys, Des!)