I’m goin to Rolex 3day event tomorrow

Vibrates excitedly




                        No, you may not have a cookie when your blood sugar is 257.




Lichtenberg figures - scars after being struck by lightning.

how am I only just finding out about these now?

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sincerely, a person who has been on prozac for 9 years

this is in response to some shitty stuff i’ve seen on my dash recently. it’s super simplified, so if you’d like to know some more indepth stuff on how exactly it works, google it—OR BETTER YET actually talk to a mental health doctor psychiatrist person wow

Prozac gave me a new lease on life

It is great thank u fluoxetine

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I took pizzas in to work with me yesterday and now my whole car smells like pizza this is exquisite torture

Im awake against my will lmao

I have a few case studies to finish before I head to class ugh

At least I don’t have to work tonight haha I keep thinking I do and then I get excited when I remember I don’t lmao I’m so tragic

I’m gonna sleeeeeep